Daniel’s letters: 24 June 1813 – arrival in Hounslow, advice from father



1st – R 27th 40 minits pass 10 at night

Hounslow June 24th at 10 oclock

Dear Father Mother and Brother

This is to let you know I have my Jorney so well as I wish and have a fair wether in all my Jorney,

Dear Mother dont you trouble your mind about me I am well and hearty and I hope you the same, tell when William my Brother come home on thursday he come before night or not tell me in the letter, dont you wright a letter to me before I write you

Please to excuse my hand this time so no more from your most hummble son and servant

Daniel Williams

you have acount of my Jorney in the next tell to my Frinds I well and hearty

Daniel’s Arrival Letter came to Hand the 27th of June 40 minits pass 10 o clock at Night by Will Parkupus 1813. John William

[John Williams, Daniel’s father writes]

Answer to this 24th & the 27th of June 1813 the 1st & the 2nd Letters after his Departure which was on the 22nd of June and Arrived at Hounslow about 10 o clock Thursday Morning the 24th and saw’s unkle,  After Noon, July the 5th 1813.

Yours,  Dated 24th of June at Hounslow after your Arrival comes to hand the 27th and we then was Tranquil in our mind for you,  but your hand wrighting prooves that you are not in your usual Temper when you write them both

But as for your query in that concerning your Brother Will’m He was at home at Sun Set he and the Horses was well when he return from Carmarthen when he sent you there on Thursday 22nd of June,  I and your Mother was in our usual mode, Yours Dated 27th came to hand the 3rd of July in which we hear of your Reception with your unkle and your aunt Take you Care to follow their Advice in all things, take care to avoid bad companies be all ways sober keep your time be meek and humble and do unto all men as you would they should do unto you, and be serviceable to your Relations if something Calls, Remember to look in your Books and in your mensuration Copy and a Religious Books, ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are round about you:

In the next letter tell was any Enquiry of your Education Transacted and  what  Branch in Carpentery Do you follow and what salary at P r  Day or week what is the Market  prise  of Corn Beef Chees & Butter and  what  do  you  pay the week for your Victuals, and where you put yourself up  in hounslow when you arrive there  or go to your uncle s house straitway or how Did you found him, They are at Glanpoolafon Cardigan Penrallthowel Passes thier usual health

The Bull of Wm Davies Treleddin gore his servant 28th of June and there is very little hope life in him Williams the shop keeper Opposite the Angel inn Cardigan Died the 1stof Instant 2nd of Instant the Cart of Dad . Phillip’s hendre upside on is servant and killed him Morgans Priest of Cardigan Bridel and Eglwysirow Died the 2nd of Instant it will be a woe  to  the Horses many of them was Drive hard before he was Dead, Candidats for Bridel are the young Bridestock of Blaenpant Mr Owens Cilvowyr Mr  Jones Killgeran, G. Griffiths Kilgeran Mr  Jones St Dogmeals Mr  Harries Pantudery Mr Thomas Nantgwyn and William Thomas for is son Griffith

John William

N.B. This Letter Posted 5th of July 1813 for Hounslow


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