Daniel’s letters: 26 February 1815 – parents’ health and news from home



R. March 3rd

Hounslow February 26th 1815

Dear Father and Mother

I received your Mournful letter on the 5th Instant and very sorry to heard such a sad news for which I am uneasy, particular of James George such healthy young man I wish to know of what disorder has he died and whether he meet with an unfortunate accident or not I am entirely sorry for him and his frinds –

I have no news worth notice to inform you of but we are in our usual health and hope to hear the same comfortable news from you in answer to this.

I have saw in the newspaper of Mr Williams Cumgloyn is the Sheriff for Pembrokeshire this year and Herbert Evans Dolebach I believe for Cardiganshire I think I shall go to Landon in space of few weeks most likely shall see D. Davies I shall desire him to write home –

I wish you to write as soon as you can and the news the Country produce –

Your ever Dutiful

Dl  Williams

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]

March 5th 1815. Yours Dated 26th of February came to hand 3rd March in which we have the favourable news of that you Enjoy your usual Health, I hope  you  shall Enjoy it as it is in common course

Your Mother is in bed now this fortnight and now being little better, I since christmas cannot put down nor put on my Dayly Clothes. and cannot go, and come from  bed without help.

It is nesesary to you to have this History Concerning Griffith George of Lanreny and his wife they Died both, Griffith Died in the summer 1813 and left three child, Charlotte David and Thos then Thos  Bridel and David Llantood concern for the fatherles, and gave the farm up to his proprietor and sold the whole by Auction, and quit it Micholmas 1813. And then Divide the Children between their relations Charlote to Llantood, David to Cum to his Grandmother and Thos in Bridell, likewise Charlote not like s place in Lantood was send to Bridell, they are all at Bridell now

On the 30th of October last James George complaineth that he was not healthy, they were liming that Days he went next morning to Bridge End with the cart and bring a load of Lime and go to Bed sick and grow worser and worser for a fortnight Doctor Beavans was there Day and night amost, he recover a week or nine Days then he grow worser little better and little worser in that state from the 30th of October untill the 11th of January

when Did he give to all was around s bed at Everlasting good night in the 25th year of his age, and Buried on Saturn  Day the 14th

then sunday monday the family was very Mournfull Tusday Morning Sally the wife and two of her Daughters, Bett and Sal, Complain that thy are ill in health, in about three Days after that Bett lost her sense and sal, was Deep in her Disease, Sally the wife was best and still, in a fortnight after that David Lanreny and is Brother Thomas went ill, they are now five ill, in this situation they not know what to do, in a short time they sent a message to Building near Strdmore for there is a Phisisan from London that Genteelman  come  to see them, and he say, my Oppinion for Bett is that she in short time will Die unles the ingredience ill give her Opperate such and such, and the two boy no harm on them. he came to see them after that time, and had bad Oppinion for Bett, and say is no harm on others

In about a week after that Sal Alter much, and was a fortnight in a very low condition and on Saturnday the 11th of February he followed his Brother James in her 20th year of Age and Buried on the 14th by his Brother side,

In few days after the Burial of Sal Louisa her sister went ill and no body can tell what will become of her, Thos of Lanreny is recover but David s Brother is in a bad condition, Bett is alive and not much more in the sight of many, there is five very sick at Bridell Thomas George and David s son is not well they are up

John William

David Michael ysguborfach Died last week, Jemy William John is in a very low state of health

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