Daniel’s letters: 27 September 1813 – Bonaparte taken prisoner, price of food in Hounslow



R 2nd of October

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

Hounslow Septembr 27 1813

Dear Brother I hop you will Excuse me for not writing to you sooner I have no Complaints to Exibit against Daniel what Ever he would sooner work by himself than be compeld to talk English to his shopmats of which he is Very Backwards by Daniel oun proposial he Boards himself & his ant Cooks for him I have incurege him in it as he may have more Conversation with the Inhabitance which alone will bring  him  soonr to Talk English

News reach London Last night that Bonaparte is taken by the Croun prince of Sweden a prisonor and most of his army Deserted and Dispersd which I sinserly hop to be true be that as it may it is certain that he has been oblidg to fley into the weilds of Bohemia for shelter and his Comuication with france is cut of my Best respects to my Br Thomas and his Family and acept of this to yourself

I reman yor Brothe Owen Willam

P.S. my good Brother any farther Informtion you would wish Let me nhow in yor Nex Letter the price of onion from 5£  10s  12  per Bushel & gallon –

Dear Father & Mother

Your letter Dated 4 of September I Recive on the 8th of the same and glad to hear of your health and hope you in the same health at present And to inform you I have my health very well here and I like this country  very  much, every thing is very dear shoe twelve Shillings pare Butter 1s  6d  fresh butter 1s  9d  cheese 1s  0d and 1s  2d  Bacon from 1s  to 1s  6d  Mutten from 10d  to 14d  Beef from 10d  to 14d Pork from 1s  0d  to 1s  2d  fat goose 8s  or 9s Nine Peny loaf last sumer now for 7d  ¾ – Excuse me for I so long not write to you I hope you write to me so soon as you can and every Particular news I like [to]   know

Pray give my Duty to my Mother and to my Brothers

I am Dear Father your most dutiful son and servant

D l . Williams

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]

Answer to this Penalltddu. October 4th 1813

Dear Brother – yours Dated 27th of September came to hand on the 2nd of October and am glad to hear of your health, we are here in a moderate state of it, But as for Daniel I will leave it to your Disposal to teach 1 and Instruct him in the way of virtue and goodness call him to church with you to hear sermons and make him behave soberly and cleaver  I have many thanks to you and my sister for your kindness to me and him so no more God Blass you all

John William

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]

Daniel my Addvice to you is to be Attentive to your Gardians and Do what they command be Ready to their callings if they want you and please them every time for such a wellcoming, On the 2nd of Instant we had a letter of Caleb from London Dated the 25th of Sept’r and Ready to sail for Portsmouth he was then in is usual health he do not know that you are at Hounslow, I hope you will come to talk to your shopmats with time take you care of yourself to preserve your health the winter commence Remember what your mother Bids you the 4th of September no more at present this 4th of October 1813

John William


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