Morris’ letters: 20 March 1815 – en route to Holland, thoughts of discharge put on hold



R 26th of March

Gosport 20th March 1815

Dear Father and Mother

I hope these few lines will find you all  Enjoy your usial health as they leaves me at  Present I am sorry to acquaint you of our sudden Movement yesterday we had orders for being in Rediness for Embarkation in few days and we expect to Embark between this and  Sunday 26th Instant, We are for Station in Holand and the tells me that is avery good  Place for a soldier, I have nothing Particular worth to relate at present as soon as I shall  Arive there I shall write to you again, it is  no use for you to write to me untill you shall hear from me again, it is no  use for me to think of my Discharge for some time untill we shall come back  to England again, dont let my Mother hear of me leaving England, only my Brother William, tell Thomas of Glanpoolavon that  I am very mush oblege him for what he has dun for me but it is all in vain no use for me to trie to get my Discharge

There is about 2 Hundred of the Regt  to stop in England as a Recruiting Company  I have no more to mention at Present  I shall give you a Derection to write  to me in the next letter when you write to Daniel and Caleb Remember me to them I Remain your Dutiful son

Morris Williams

Corpl 23rd Regt foot

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