Morris’s letters: 29 January 1815 – discharge matters, troops in town



R. 12th of February

Gosport 29th January 1815

I Rec’d your letter Dated 16th Instant on the 22nd of the same and am glad to find that you  are all enjoy your usial health as this leaves me at Present, am very glad to hear that Tho’s Glanpoolavon has wrote for my Discharge I have not hear a word of it yet, but I hope I shall soon.

I heard that this Regiment is to be Redused to 5 hundred and if that will be there will be about 5 hundred Discharged and then I hope I shall have my Discharge, This Colonel Delmer Refuse to make an Aplication for no man untill the Head Colonel of the Regiment will join his Name is Ellis and he will join in March, There is an orders from the Commander in Chief that he wont Grant for no man to have his Discharge without the Permision of the Commanding Offcier of the Regiment

There was 4 or 5 Regiments of Embarked in this Town about 3 weeks ago and they laid  in the Harbour till last week they Disembark again in the same place they dont want no Troops in America now because it is Peace on the foot but not Properly setled yet I have nothing more to say at Present I have not heard only once from Thomas since he was Discharge, write back soon no more

Morris Williams

N.B. I have keep this letter 7 days after wrote  if expecting a letter from my Brother

This morning I Rec’d a Letter from Thomas my Brother he is well and harty with a Genteelman in Chester and he said in his letter that he would write to you the same day as he wrote to me, I think it is beter for me to be sinlence about my Discharge now untill the Reduction will Take Pla[ce]

M Williams

5th Feb’y 1815

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