Morris’ letters: 7 January 1815 – discharge matters, stupidity of Cardigan postmaster



R. 15th of Instant

Gosport 7th Jany 1815

I Received your letter Dated 1st Inst on  the 6 of the same with the order of one Pound  Nineteen Shillings and eleven pence which I received of the Postmaster of Gosport, with great  Trouble because the order was not filled propaly the Name of the Person who paid them in the Post Office at Cardigan Should be  mention in the order, Instead of the order  was blank, The Pos Master asked me what was the  reason of the Postmaster of Cardigan being so stupit, and I told him I did not know but  I thought is was wanting of larning and then  he laughed at me – Dear Father I dont know what to say Conserning my Discharge, I dont think I shall ever have it without you will have some Gentleman to write to member of Parliment for my Discharge I have nothing  Particular worth to relate at Present, my last letter was according to out only the order was  inside of it and they have found it out and Charged Double  Price for it –

There is 4 or 5 Regiments Embarked here last week for America I dont know whether we shall go with this Fleet or not

I have asked you in 3 or 4 letters of my Brethren Daniel and Caleb but never have no answer of it, I am very sorry to hear of my Mother being sick I hope she is beter before  now and hoping that I shall have the  Opportunity of seeing you both before the  time that God think Propor to call you to  Depart from this world, I hope you will do  your best towards my Discharge let me have  your answer as soon as posible and evry thing  Particular no more at Present from your son

Morris Williams

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