Llantood Letters: a ‘technical’ introduction

Please read the general introduction to the letters first.

This note sets out how we presented the Llantood letters, and why we chose the blog format.

The alternative was to have either one very long webpage (cumbersome and impractical), or a number of shorter ones. We decided on the best of both worlds – a blog format. We chose WordPress for its customizability.

The blog format suited our purpose; it can be presented on one long page but with a ‘read more’ option every 10 posts to avoid interminable scrolling. Each letter – both image and transcript – was uploaded as a separate blog post, allowing each to be viewed, and linked to, as a separate page.

The WordPress template does not allow for more than one front page in blog format so all the letters in both letter books were intermixed and arranged in date order, with the earliest uploaded last. That way, a narrative is created; the reader can begin at the beginning and continue through the correspondence right through to the end.

The use of Categories (Daniel’s Letters and Morris’s Letters) allows for splitting the letters for viewing as the two original books. Tags allow for further filtering.

We kept the letters of each book strictly in the order they were originally bound, even though occasionally the date order within the books was disrupted.

Sometimes a piece of news may be received late and the eventual recipient carries on writing, temporarily oblivious to events. While the arrangement at that point might attempt to reflect the order of events as the news reaches home, we never changed the order of letters in either of the books.

We hope that these wonderful documents will get the readership they deserve. We would be happy to answer any queries you may have.


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