Morris’ letters: 27 October 1812 – news from home, including the health of his mother and brother



[John Williams, Morris’ father writes]

October 27th 1812

We hope these few lines met you in the same Circumstance of  health as they left us at present, your mother hath recovered a little  now, she is very unhealthy if she will be a week moderate she will  be fortnight ill, Your letter Dated 29th of August came to  hand on the 14th of September at which time your mother was very ill and continue ill until the 12th of October and from that time  until now she is little better an answer to that Dated & posted on the 15th of the said month, may he is in your hand before now  Dated  16th of Octr came to hand 24th of Instant by David  Davies of Troedurair on Saturday when I and your mother was in  Cardigan and Willm made him welcome of Bread & Chees and  milk and come with him to Cardigan and found us there, and  make him welcome so well as we could, and gave him one po[und]

Note of Landovery Bank according to the letter, Yesterday I was at Minache and had there the last year’s Intrest which was Thirty three shillings, and I of my Necessity keep  them instead of the £2 you had the one by Cap’t Ferrier 27th of June and the other to David Davies of Troedurair 24th of Instant and 7 Remains until some time, allso had three pounds of the contents of your Note Remains £30 This Day £3 shall be put in Cardigan Postoffice for you.

Be content with your circumstance as a Militiaman and return to your contry a Singleman as you left it, when you have a Discharge,

26 of [this month]  I met with Capt  Ferrier at Llantood on the road and he told me that John Bowen  Kilgeran did a Treason against him at Pembrokeshire Election for not  vote the same side as him and say he will remember him for that  Capt Ferrier thinks that you are a cousin to John Bowen. I will tell  him you are not, only know him as a neighbour, and make you known  in the regiment to every man that think so, that you are not a cousin to  him, for Capt Ferrier spoke angrily Towards him, I am afraid that they [will] Look on you worse, keep you that to yourself you shall see how will he go  on, but make known that you are not a cousin to him, Capt Ferrier spoke  commendable of you and say that you are a study man. John Bowen say he promise is vote to Mr Howels in the presence of Mr Ferrier, and at the Election go with Mr James Pantsaison against them both they are both so angry to John Bowen as any men and other Gentlemen with them is towards him, I hear some say that he must join the Reg’t immediatly for is ill behaviour, what ever is in our power to do to you with all readyness shall completed, I am very languid in this language to do any thing. We have no man now but Will. you Tom & Caleb went out of the contry and cannot do nothing to us Daniel is in the Contry but not here, Willm has a runing ulcer on is wrist and cannot do any work and I do not know what will becomes of me and your  mother in short time for I cannot move astep without a stafe and  your mother is very feeble, now after Nourish many children have  none but one with sore arm and so I conclude this time

John William

Dir. to Loughrea, County of Galaway

N.B. by what means did David Davies lent you £1 better than you could lent him £1 and you have better pay than him let we know in the next

28th of October Posted this letter to Loughrea in the County of Galaway Ireland with £3 the stamps and ordors on that Postoffice Charged 4s 11d ½

[…] Sep’tr 10th I make £32 9s 2d to be £33 which is 10s 10d

[…] £ by Mr Ferrier and another by D’d Davies                     Total 15s 9d ½

Troeduraur that is £2 and I had one years                                          7s 0d

Intrest of Minache that is £1 13s and 7s is £2                                  £1 2s 9d ½


Mr Ferrier £1 D’d/ Davies Troeduraur £1    ——————–       £2 0s 0d

Intrest from 10th of Sep’tr 1811 until 10th Sep’tr 1812 ———–   £1  13s 0d


2 15 9 ½

1 13_____    

1 2 9 ½

  1. 28 of October

1st after Ireland