Daniel’s letters: 6 January 1823 – death of his son Thomas, birth and death of a daughter



Jan’ry 6th 1823

Dear Father and Brothers

I have been waiting for somthing worth notice to send but little did I thougth of such malancoly news to inform you of that my little son Thomas died this morning of inflameation in his little throat he is two years four months 13 days old he was Dearly beloved an affectionate Child he was his mother is almost distracted I am not much better myself little John laments much for the lost of his little Brother he has not been ill only fue days

My wife was put to bed 26 of November of a Daughter and she did not live only two days after she was born my wife has not been well since and now this lamented troble came up on us that I dont know what to do.

So I leve you to Judge my situation I am your most unhappy

D Williams

This Answered 3rd of February 1823

Daniel’s letters: 19 October 1823 – arrival of tools, concern over Caleb’s leaving of the Commerce




October 19th wrot
November 1st came to hand

Hounslow Octobr 19th 1823

Dear Father and Brother

Your Letters Dated 3 and 17 of Febry, I received in fue days afterward and sorry to heard of Uncle Thomas Death I had letter from Caleb datted 14 of March that inform me that my tooles were arrived in London and I was much dissatisfy with his letter and yours for not telling me the cause of his leving the Commerce. I was on Board the 23rd of March and the men did not know the reason I did not see the Captn
I have seen Captn Owen Williams on the 5th Inst at Hounslow he came to see us but did not stay but fue hours and he inform me that Caleb intend to build a new vessel. I was verry sorry to hear of his illness But Glad to heard of his Recovery and in great hopes he will continue so I have no particular news to inform you butt it has been fine Harvest and good Crops and plenty of frutes. I hope you will write to me soon and let know all the news of the neighbourhood

Uncle and Aunt send theire respect to you and hope we shall hear of you soon

D Williams