Daniel’s Letters, 4 January 1824 – declines commercial offer, expenses of sickness

R. 9th of Instant

Hounslow Janry 4th 1824

Dear Father and Brothers

Your Letter Dated Novber 29th I receid on the 5th of Decbr and glad to hear of your health and hope you enjoy the same as we are at present and hope you will excuse me for not write sooner

I am much Oblieg to you for your offer but sorry to say that it is not in my power to join your commercial intention I wish it was I should be heartily glad of the Opportunity of try any thing thats likely to be beneficial to me for I have experienced that One in my capacity only his daily labour to depend upon cannot do much more than keep head above watter for I have had very expensive times lately what with sickness Doctor s attendance &c – and therefore compell to declain your Offer at the same time wish you abundance of sucess in your undertakeing

I remaine in hopes that I shall see my Brother Caleb on his arrival in London, Uncle & Aunt sends their respects to you so no more at present

D Williams

Ebrill 28 1824

Gan ein bod ni yn bwriaddu cymmeryd arnom yr ystad o Lan Briodas , ar ddydd … [cancelled word: Fai] … nesaf, ein cyfeillion a’n cefogant i wneyd NEITHIOR ar yr achlysur yr un diwrnod, yr hon a gedwir yn Pen-yr-allt-ddu, Ty Tad y Mab Ieuanc, yno y gostyngedig ddeisyfir eich llon gyfeillach, a pha Rodd bynnag a weloch fod yn dda ein cynnysgaethu a hi, a dderbynir yn ddiolchgar ac a ad-delir yn llawen, pa bryd benag y galwer am dani ar yr unrhyw achlysur.

Gan eich gostyngedig Weision

Wm William

Lettice Morris

Y mae John William Tad y Mab Ieuanc, yn dymuno i bob pwthion ag sydd yn ddyledus yddo e ag hefyd oedd yw Ddyweddar wraig Esther William, i gael eu dychwelyd i’r Mab Ieuanc ar y diwarnod hwnw; ag yn dra diolchgar am bob Rhoddion.

Ymhellach ymae …… Daniel William a Caleb William, yn dymino cael derbyn ei pwythion ar y diwarnod rhagddywededig , ag yn ddiolchgar ,

Y mae Ann Morris Mam y Ferch Ieuanc yn gwahodd at ei Merch ag yn deisyf cael pob pwythion \ac yn/ ddiolchgar am pob Rhodd.


Daniel’s Letters: 24 May 1824 – news of his three brothers, and of the birth of his daughter

R. 4th of Instant

Hounslow May 2nd 1824

Dear Father and Brothers

Your letter Dated 24th came to hand on the 28th I was not at home when the letter arived else I would write Immediately. I am almost Astonish but glad of my Brother William s transaction for he was always at variance with all that family, I wish I could be one of the party that day but I am so busy that I cant spare time to come

I am quite agreeable to your proposal concerning of my gifts for its very likely such opportunity will never happen no more exept my Brother Thos takes it in his old age to get a partner for there is no other

I have the pleaseure to informe you that my wife has lied in last night of daughter and both in fair way of doing well

I was in great expectatian to have some intellegence of Caleb ship I have no news worth notice only we are in our usual health and hope to hear the same from you

I am your most obedient &c

D Williams