Morris’ letters: 5 December 1813 – he volunteers to join the army



R 10th of December

4th after Ireland. 1st after Vold


Hasler Barracks 5th Decr 1813

I am very sorry to tell you what I have  don but I think that will be for my Good I have Volunteered to go to the  23rd Regiment foot for five years or  sooner Discharge in Peaceable time and I think that we shall have  leave in very short time, I write this  few lines to let you know that I am gone and to hinder no one eles to write I like to write my self  to you I shall have a furlough for 3 Months to go home as soon as I will join the Regiment no more at present from me

Morris Williams

Morris’ Account


Your Money when was set to W’m Evan was £3  9s  2D

And I put 10s 10D to make them the sum of 33  0  0

Money I Paid for Morris

When the sum of £32  9s  2D put out I put 10s  10D to make £33  10s  10D

27th of June 1812 by Cap’t/ Ferrier ordors £ by David Davies Troedurair £___2

James Jenkin Cap’t Jones Servant _____________________________ 2

April 24th 1813. I sent Cardigan Postmasters Draft of £________________1

I paid Josia Evans wife £ and £ To William Davies came home on furlough__ 2

part of 1811 & 1813 when he was Ireland two years the sum of ___________ 7  10  10

£1  13s 1812 and £1  10D 1813. Two years Interest of Minache, Take from           3   3   0

This mony was sent to Ireland                                                               Remainder    4   7  10

1808 May 23rd £ letter & Draft 1s  8D 1808. November 21st 1s  8D 1809. March 13th 1s  8D ____ –  5 –

1809 April 18th £1 19s 10D Draft 2s 8D 1809. August 13th 1s 8D 1810 June 18th 1s  8D           –  6 –

4 18 10

1813 March 24. £1 sent to Logrea Letter 1s 11D ordors 8d ____________                  –  2  7

1812 £3 sent to Ireland Stamps and Draft _____________________________ – 4 11

Is Due to me ____________________ April the 30th 1814 from Morris sum of £5  6  4


Morris in Ireland as followeth                                                                      £    s   D        Postage

Intrest from 18th of September 1810 till 18th September 1814               1   13

1812 June 27th by Mr Ferrier Ordors £1 1812 October 24th                   2

D’d  Davies Troedurair

October 28th 1812. £3 of his Own Money from Minache letter                             s     D

& Order 4s  11D ½            3                   4    11 ½

March the 3rd 1813 To James Jenkin Cap’t Jones Servant £2             2

April the 24th 1813 I sent £1 letter 1s  11D Draft 8d                               1                2   7

August the 7th 1813. To the wife of Josia Evans £1 Cardigan              1

November 14th 1813. To W’m Davies coming home on Furlough      1


£ 11  13     7  6 ½

Total Amount of the Expensive season in Ireland __________       12   0   6 ½

Morris has of his Bounty in England


1808 May 23rd £1 letter 1s Draft 8d 1808 No’br 21st  £1

Draft 8d/ letter 1s                2                3  4

1809 March 13th £1 letter 1s Draft 8d/ 1809 April 18th 1  19  10

letter 2s Draft 8d        2  19  10       4  4

1809 August 13th £1 letter 1s Draft 8d  1810 June 18th £1 letter

1s Draft 8d        2                   3  4

Total      £6  19  10    11


Letters and Drafts __    11

when in England sum of  7  10  10

Morris, when Volunteered had Promise of 3 Month Furlough and had of that promise, from the the 2nd of January 1814 untill the 2nd of February 1814 at home, only 29 Days instead of three Months, This is second furlough, He went from home the 2nd of February  to join the 23rd Reg’t which was on the 11th of February at Exeter and March with it to Winchester and stay there till the 25th of Sept’r 1814. he was at gosport Barrack untill the 26th of March 1815

And Embarked to Holland for Nation, and Disembark the [ … ] March at Ostend in Fren[ch?] [ … ] and at Gramont in Flanders, [on] the 16th of June, we had Rout to join the Grand Army, and joined it at 7 oclock in Evning on the 17th we imediatly formed line, on the 18th about 10 o Clock the Battle of Waterloo begin as the letter relate Dated 24th of July 1815. Near parish


4 after Ireland

1st after Volunteered

Informing Letter  Dated 5th of December 1813




Morris’ letters: to his brother Thomas, 24 August 1815: ‘Prize Money’ and promotion to Lance Sergeant



[Letter from J. Enoch, Adjutant, Royal Welch Fusiliers to Thomas Williams about ‘Prize Money’, with a note from Morris Williams on reverse. Presumably obtained by his parents posthumously (maybe from Thomas?) and added to book]

Paris 24 August 1815

To Thomas Williams
In reply to your Letter of the 10th inst. I am to inform you that the Prize Lists are not as yet made out which prevents my sending to you the Certificate required to enable you to draw your Prize money – As the Prize money in all probability will not be paid for the next twelve months to come, another application from you to me will be useless. I have given directions to your Brother Lance Serjeant Morris Williams to communicate with you when the Prize money may be paid.

I am etc. etc. J Enoch Adjutant
Royal Welch Fusiliers

Dear Brother this morning the Adjutant Called me and Informed me of a Letter which you have sent to Enquire after your Prize Money and told me that the Prize money will not be paid this Long time but when ever it is payable I shall Let you know Immediately –

Dear Brother I have nothing in particular worth to Relate at Present only I was made a Lance Serjeant few weeks ago and I expect I shall be made full Serjeant in about a month or 2. I have a letter from my Father 6 Dayes ago Informing me of your Promis of going to see your Father. If Posible go this Season to your Father and Mother.

I have no more at Present write back soon your Affectionate Brother

M. Williams L. Serjt
23 Regt

Derect as I have mention before