Morris’ letters: 1 January 1811 – journey to Deal, news from home



R. the 11th Instant The First after fourlough

Deal Barracks January 1st 1811

This is to let you know I came hereunto  yesterday very well all the way till we came between Gloster and Oxford wheel of the Coach Broak on the way and the Coach fell down on his side no Body was hurt we was foure together.  On Sunday we had great snow all the day it was very Bad to Travel –  we took the coach in Heriford for London and we paid one pound foure shillings. I have paid on the Road everything together £3.4s.7d.½

Benjamin Jones is going home on Furlough tomorrow and I am going to send 4 silk handkerchief of Difirand sorts to you the four cost me 19s. 9d. I have nothing Particular to inform you at present. Let me know in the next how did you com on at Narberth and if any thing particular hapen there since I came from there.

And let me know whether did you heard from Thomas it or not. I have saw John Bowen he is well and harty Remember me to Daniel Williams and all my friends. Derect to me as usual. So no more from me at present

Morris Williams

[John Williams, Morris’ father, writes]

24th of instant

Received of the hand of Benjamin Jones four silk handkerchief  mentioned in this letter per John Williams.

January 26 1811

Your letter dated January 1st 1811 came  to hand the 11th instant, And we was glad to hear that you arived  safe without much hinderance  We was very uneasy about you for a letter came from Evan to Pegy his wife a week before yours to us I did take the opportunity to write these lines to you in hope they will meet you in your usual health as its leave us at present, but your mother was ill and keep her bed a week about (yr hen galan) the old new years day. She is at present as she usualy be, after she take John Owens ingredient.

The reason of our Delay in write to you this time was that we expect Benj Jones, and the Day before yesterday he came  to our house. That was the 24th of January With the Hanckerchiefs in Evening and went away after sit awhile he did not sleep with us one night. He is diligent and industrious boy, I think he want to gain a pound or two towards is expense in returning, to Deal Barracks.

What is your design in send the Hanckerchiefs home by Ben Jones which to sold them and send the money with him back to you, or let them rest here until you come home to have the money or the Hanchiefs, his furlough will last to the end of February and ten Days more, if this letter will come to your hand 2nd or 3rd of the next month and if you be Dispatchful, we shall have one from you about the 10th and put in it your Intention concerning the hanckerchiefs that you may have Answear with him of us, your mother have amind to send a pare of stockins to you by him, tell in the next how did you find the money to give for the neckcloaths for I think you have none against you was there We saw Owen at Canastonbridge on the 21st of Decembr last, he was well and healthy and return to Hounslow next morning in a Coach he was there three Days before us and be at Slebeck the pouder Manufactory is go on onthis level if his master can agree with the old Nathan Phillips Slebeck for a spot of ground of 4 or 500 acres the mills be 20 and ten water wheel one water wheel turns two mills no more than 40lb of pouder be at once in Each mill the cost to erect the mills before thay work will be, £100000 or hundred thousand pounds, hundred pounds weekly to be paid to labourers, if they cannot agree it will go on in. Suffolkshire for there is a convenient place near the sea side so well as Blackpool

About the beginning of April next we shall know with him where it will goes on, he say it will go on without Dupt in one of the two places his masters name is Cap’t Fleecer he has a pouder manufactory in the East Indies and knock it Down there because the long and endless war, I did Dream one night after I was at Canastonbrige about you as followeth I hear at home that the mills was Built and working pouder and in my Dream went down to see Owen and the mills which I did see, and as I walking there in the meadows and the roads I saw a newhouse was built after I was there before, in the hedge of a meadow by a road side above a pool of water was on the road it was […] road I was in the pool when I was there I know the place well and I went up to the house and there you was keeping a Shop of Cloath linen hanckerchiefs and materials for Bricheses waiscots and stockins, I ask you how was you Discharged I was Discharged, said you, by some Gentleman now this long time while after that I wake, your mother and your brethren did compel me to write my Dream to you, it is true I did saw it when I was sleep some night after I was down there.

Mary wife of D’d Edward danralt Died after you went from home, We did not hear nothing of Thomas your Brother yet so no more at present

…..your  mother have a mind to send a pare of stockins to you by him, tell in the next how did you find the money to give for the neckcloaths for I think you have none against you was there