Daniel’s letters: 10 December 1820 – gunpowder received?




Hounslow Decbr 10th 1820

Dear Father and Brothers

This is to inform you that I have sent a small parcel Two pounds of gunpowder and five newspapers and a letter on the 12th of Novbr last and douptfull that have not had it for I have not heard from you since it was sent by Gloucester Mail I wish you to send the Cardigan Carrier to the coach office at Carmarthen to inquire for such parsell

Please to give my best respect to Caleb and except the same your selves

Pray let me hear from you as soon as possible

D Williams

Daniel’s letters: 15 April 1821 – requests his tools be sent, markets low and money scarce




R. 20th of Instant

Hounslow April 15th 1821

Dear Father and Brothers

Your letter Dated Decbr 20th I receved the Gunpowder and hope you had some good shooting last winter

I have no news worth mention but we are all in our usual health and in great hopes to have the same Confortable news in answer to this

Uncle and Aunt are deale happier than they have been uncle has been long while out of employment that gived him harass along with a sum of money he lent and likely to loose it but now in great expectation to recover it I have not hear from Caleb since I heard from you I hope you will make it convenient to write as soon as possible for I am uneasy because have hear from him sooner

I have spoke to Caleb about the fue Tools I left there I should be very glad if I could get them if you happen to see a vessel from Cardigan Bound to London I should be much obleige to you send Steel blade square tennant saw A blue wetstone hand plane Jack and train and not the hone planes Please to tie them up in old bag and put Derection on them to be lef at the Watermans Arms pickle herins stars and decire the captain to let me know when they arive in London Send them with some reasonable man if you can else he will charge more than the things are worth

I am Determine now for hard work I have been in expectation for another employment along while but now I beleive its all Vanish

The Markets are very low and the money very scarce

so no more at present from your most obdient

D Williams

Daniel’s letters: 12 November 1820 – Caleb, gunpowder, and the Queen’s Trial. Uncle Owen’s health impaired




R. the 17th /of Instant

Hounslow Nov’br 12th 1820

Dear Father and Brothers

Your letter Dated Sep’tr 18 I received on the 24thand glad to hear that you were in your usual health as we are at present and in hope to receive the same confortable news in the next

I have not hear from Caleb since he was here he promised he would write but he has not that makes me quite uneasey and Doubt that some thing has happen to him if you know where he is I wish you send to him to write

I have send two Pounds of gunpowder some of the best thats made in England I may say in the World one of them I intend for Caleb’s Winter holy days I am very sorry that I did thought of it when he was here The Queens trial was setel last Freiday in her favour I do not think it worth while to say any mor efor you will all the account of it in the news papers

My little boy name’s Thomas

Write as soon as possible –

Dl Williams

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

My Good Brother

I tak this oportunity to Lett you nhow that my health is impared great Deal I Should be glad to hear from you as soon as convinant my Eyses a very wek and painful

My Best respect to my ould acquaintaes and acept of this to your Self

From your Brother Owen Williams