Morris’ letters: 14 September 1811 – arrival in Cork, his brother Thomas in Plymouth



9th after furlough. 1st from Ireland                              R. Sept. 14th, 1811

I hope these few lines will find you all in Good Estate of health as I am at present Thank God. I can’t give but very little acount of this place yet because we have but very little time to ouer selves since we Landed we have rather Dificult Pasage we have been on water 15 Days and on the 16th  we Landed in a place called Dove Near Cork  and we had 4 Days Martch to this Town which would be 5 or six Days Martch in England the contry is very Fategue to Travel and the Townes lays Great Distance from one another

Give my love to all my Relation and likewise to all my Enquirin friends I Remain your Dutifull Son

Morris Williams

The first from Ireland, September 14th 1811

Limerick Barracks

3rd Sept 1811

John Bowen and Benjm Jones is well

Derection Morris Williams Corpl Capt Ferrers Compy Rc Cardigan Militia at Limerick in Ireland or Eles Where

[John Williams, Morris’ father, writes]

Answer, Sept’r the 16, 1811.

Your letter Dated at Limerick  Barrak the 3rd of Instant came to hand the 14th of the  same and in which we hear you landed in Ireland  safe, We are at home in a moderate state of health  and we hope yours the same, Your money is  with Jno. Phillip & Wm Evan. Theire year is up  since the 10th of this Instant which leave or not leave the Intrest in Wm Evans hand we will Do, I think  it is better for you to leave them in his hand if he will pay Intrest for them, Died Madlen Castell 20 of august Dio Velinlanpoolavon & John Bowen of Killgerran buried both on the same Day, We had letter from Thomas your brother the same time as yours he is at  Plymouth with is master he is a Bregade Major to the General that command Plymouth district

But the 2nd  Batt. Of 23rd Regt is at Carmarthen and left Garnsey Take care of your self in that contry no more at Present

John William

[notes at end of letter]

Thomas was Born on Sunday 24th of July. 1785. and entred Cardigan militia 28th of March. 1803. And returned home from Chester on the 23rd of December 1815. after he was Discharged  from the 23rd Regt on the 16th November 1814.

Morris was Born on the 22nd of January. 1787. and entred Cardigan Militia 25th of January. 1808. and entred the 23rd Regt about the 5th of December 1813. at Heisler Barrack Gosport Died in France the 13th of April. 1815. 29 years two months and 22 Days of Age.

Daniel was Born on the 3rd October 1788. and begins trade  2nd of June. 1808. and went to Houndslow  22nd of June. 1813.

Caleb. Born 24th of December 1793. His Indenture Dated 14th of January. 1812. for three years.

Wm Born the 5th of December 1790.