Daniel’s letters: 8 November 1818 – Daniel and wife Hannah have a son



R. 2nd of December Our 6th

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

November the 8 1818

Dear Brother this to Let you nhow that wee are in midling state of health all thou mein is impaird Very much I am to Inform you that on the 4th of Novembr about 7 in the morning you had a grandson Come into this Trublsome World

It gives me pleasure to Inform you that Daniel is be come one of the sobrest man in Hounslow and is Very proud of his Lidle son give my Best respect to my Brother Thomas and acsep of this to yourself from your Brother

Owen Williams

John Phillipp

Byddwch cystal os does posib a thalu i fi am u cefyl a byrnodd John Evans gida fi n Jack; fel ai i gwiddoch Chisais iddo nol i birny find i Carfirddin dros ddiwarnodau ac efo ai girood e ac ai lladdodd e. Ag efe ei hun aeth or wlad a ngadel i heb daly, cliwes ddweid. i fod arian ar i ol e. cymhwysach ifi gael peth o honint na bod heb iddint

Yr urifi[?] n addaw nawr os byddaf Biw os gadawir fi heb dalu , mae bachien ifi n mined i America cin hir, efe a hisbisa ir ardals dd hyn sef r Unoldalaithau (United States) a Newbrunswick ym pa le mae St Johns n sefill pa fath ddyn oedd Mr Evans yn Europe a pheth oedd r achos iddo i adel Brittain , rwyf felyn cael fy ngadel heb dalu.

rhwyf fel hin n agoshau i faily talu peth sydd arnai a prisodd n usel , John Phillipp gwnewch eich gore fel na bridda rhaid lledani u peth.

Daniel’s letters: 17 January 1819 – son is named John Owen William, mother and baby doing well




R. 23rd of Instant

Hounslow Janry 17th 1819

Dear Father and Mother

I received my Brother Thomas letter Dated 17th of Decbr on the 22nd and glad to hear that Mother and you are better and in hopes that you will keep so if please God. My Wife sends her love to you and I am glad to inform you that she is pretty confortable and the little boy is pretty well and grow very fast he was christen 29 of Novbr and Uncle give him the name of John Owen William. Uncle and Aunt send their respect to you all and glad to heard that you are better

According to my Brother Thomas’s wish I have enquire at the Lottrey office in Town conserning his tickets and they are as follow No 1812 – 10th Price 2.796 Blank 12 – 767 Blank I am sorry that he has not had a better loock

Please to give my best respect Uncle and Aunt of Glanpoolavon and Mr Thomas Griffiths of Penralltowel and his Mistres

I am very sorry to heard of G. Edward

[Part of page missing]

John Phillipp

Chwi a widdoch i John Evans i birny cefil oddiwrthi fi ag o achos ei cam imddieiad ar[?] orfu adel a wlad ac heb fi nhali i ; gwnewch eich gorau i fi ei cael, cliwais ddwyd i fod arian i gael, ag os na chafi nhwy mifi ai hafloniddaf man u mae e mifi ai hispisaf trwy’r Unoldalaithe (United States) Newbrunswick ymale mae St Johns in sefill pa fath ar oedd yn Brittain ar achos o iddo adel a gwlad ei enedigaeth mae Bachgen i fi n mined i America cin hir.