Morris’ letters: 27 May 1814 – Winchester to Manchester, prisoners, discharge matters



Winchester 27th May 1814

This is to Inform you that I received your  Letter Dated 24th April on the 23rd Instant the reason  that I was so long without receiving your Letter was  I was sent on Command from here to Manchester in  Lancashire with a prison belonging to the 2nd Dragoon  Guards we was only 3 men 2 privats and myself we  was on the road from the 20th April to the 23rd May Inclusive  that maks 34 days we had very Bad weather going down  and very good weather coming back, I shall give you the  Stages of the Route in the end of this letter

I  Am very sorry to hear of my Mother being Ill, hopeing shee is better before this, I am very sorry that you could not have Mr Williams of Cumgloyne write to Mr Owens I have no hope of geting my Discharge without him or some other Gentleman will write to the Commander In Chife I hope that you will trie him or some body eles to write bfore Long I am most Asure that I could have my Discharge for 20 Guineas or Less If some Gentleman would write I have nothing Particular at present hopeing that I will not be long in this Situation, I have heard that the 1st Battn. of this Regt is on the way to Ammerica and we  expect that a Draft will be picked out before long to join and  then it will be to late for me to think of my Discharge then

I would be very hapy if I could have my Discharge once more I would Picked out my path better then I Did  where I was at my liberty, I have no more to say at  present I am in common health hopeing that you  all enjoy the same, Let me know in your answer  what is William my Brother think of my affair  in getting my Discharge and Let mw know when did  you heard from Caleb, this day I heard with a serjt.  that come from the 1st Battn. about 4 months ago that  Thos my Brother was well and harty then he was a servant  to the Surgeon then, this is names of Towns on the Road  from Winchester to Manchester and the distance from one town to another

Day of Month                                                            Miles

20                       Whitechurch                                 12

21                        Newbury                                        12

22                       MarketIsley                                   9

23.24                  Abingdon                                      11    holt sunday

25                       Woodstock                                    14

26                       Long Cromton                              14

27                       Stratford                                        17

28                       Hanley                                           8

29                       Burmingham                                14

30                       Worsal                                            8

1st May & 2nd    Stafford                                          18   holt sunday

3                         New Castle                                     16

4                         Congelton                                       12

5                         Winslow                                          12

6                         Manchester                                    12


Total                                                              __        189___


I Shall Expect your Letter answer of this as soon as posible and evry particular news if you have any no more at present from

Morris Williams Corpl.

23rd Regt. foot

N.B. Let me know whether did Mary James of Catell  get through the fever shee was in when I was home  and let me know did Thos Glanpwllavon got that  what he was in Serch of when I was home

[John Williams, Morris’ father, writes]

Answer to this June 23rd 1814

Yours Dated 27th of May came to hand 5th June something or others  make me to Delay in write to you sooner. we are in moderate health and hope  these lines found you the same

Let me know what is the name of your present commanding offcier at head quarters in the 2nd Battalion. so soon as possible. no more at present

John William

Let me know What is the name of the present commaning offcier at headquarters in the 2nd Batt. so soon as posible

8th after Volanteered