Daniel’s letters: 9 November 1817 – Uncle Owen writes of Daniel’s impending marriage


R. 16 of Instant

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

Hounslow November 9th 1817

my good Brother & Sister, I take this Erley Oportunity to Inform you that your son Daniel is going to be Maried to a Charming young women of one & twenty: now you are going ask me whome shee is: and I will tell you shee is a Nice of yor sister in Law at Hounslow, a Native of Warickshire

Daniel & shee hath kep Company this 2 year

I send you this acount for your approbation the Bannes are publis this day. So lett me have your opinion on the matter as soon as you pleas your Datter in Law is going to Nite you a paire of stocking & send them Doun some time in the spring –

give my respects to my Brother Thomas & ackep of this to yourself from a

Brother Owen Williams

your Intended Dagther is very Slender But I suposes that Daniel will macke her thicker yor to call her your Dather Hanah


Daniel’s letters: 9 November 1817 – Daniel’s brother William loses his wife; Daniel is married


R. 6th of Decembr

Hounslow Novbr , 9th 1817

Dear Father Mother and Brothers

Your letter dated Octbr 20th I received on the 29th and glad that you were better in health and in great hopes that ares till better. Your letter dated Novbr the 7th I received on the 11th and very sorry to hear that my Brother Will has had the misfortune of lost his wife I am extremly sorry for his trouble

I cannot imagine how this letter came to Hounslow it only cost 4d ½ and all the others 12d ½. Your letter dated 16th Uncle received on the 20th

I have no news worth mention but we are in our usual health and in hopes you are the same

You seems to be rather doubtfull of what Uncle inform you in his Letter but you may belive it is true enough I was Married the 17th of Novbr in London to a niece of my Ant

so we still remain dutiful

D & H Williams

NB tun William Shone maried aboute munth

Answer to the within Penralltddu Debr 6th 1817