Daniel’s letters: 30 April 1815 – parents unwell, advice regarding treatment of Lameness



R. May 4th

Hounslow April 30th 1815

Dear, Father and Mother

Your letter Dated 15th of April I received on the 19th of the same And sorry to hear of your unhealthy situation and in great hopes you are better at present ,

I am very sorry to heard such mournful account of Tho\s/ George’s family, I have no news at present worth notice but all for war and the sound of fifes drums and trumpets we have heard again but I hope it will not last long

In concern of Morris Griffiths as he told me he chance to get rather tipsy and meet with the recruiting party and listed into the first Regiment of foot Guard ,

The Gunpowder I sent you is 3s 6d per lb I have not see D. Davies yet but I think I shall see him before long

I have nothing particular to inform you at precent but this we are in our usual health and hope you will write as soon as you can and remember me to my frinds –

Your most humble servant

Dl Williams

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

My good Brother I am sory to hear of your Lameness and would advice you to get a pice of  wite  Leather 8 inches over and put a plaster of Burgandy pich that is of brite yelow color and put it on the  hip  as warm as you can bare it and Let it be on untill comes of of his own acord

get it Rub with coars Touel as hard as you can bare it before you put the plaster on it is the rheumtism that is fix in the hip it goes by the Difrent Name of Sciatic in the […]ate of the Back it is Caled Lumbago I have reasson to hop that you will feind a Benefite from it I am with

Respect yor Brothr Owen Williams

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, replies]

Penralltddu May the 7th 1815 Answer to this

Yours Dated the 30th of April Came to hand the 4th of Instant and am glad to hear of your healthy situation, praise the Lord for his mercy,

I am so painfull that I cannot sleep night or Day since a fortnight, Chair and pillows is to hard for me to sit on them, that maks me to be in bed greatest part of my time, and cannot turn my self in bed without great pain, and I do not know what will come of me, Your Mother is very unhealthy but she is Deal better than me

I have great many thanks to you my brother for your advice to me of the plaster your relation in this neighbourhood is well and Hearty,

Daniel, Will your Brother meet in Cardigan with a young man called John Landwr and bids him to ask you can you find a work to him if he comes to Houndslow, he wants to go to some where, he is now work at the new mill in Cardigan

John William

Daniel’s letters: 21 May 1815 – parents’ health, death of uncle John



R. 26 of Instant

Houndslow May the 21st 1815

Dear Father and Mother

Your letter Dated the 7th of May I received on the 12th and very sorry to hear of your unhealthy situation and in great hopes you are better at present

We are in our usual health at present all but Aunt she scald her foot some time and not well but deal better than she has been I do not wonder at all at Mr Morris Morris’s behavior because I know the fellow before he cant live low life as well as anybody In cause of John Landwr I got nothing to do for him or else I would with all my heart, more than one half of the carpenters out of workin London at present I have been there this day fortnight I have saw D. Davies he is well and hearty so no more at present from your most obedient

Dl Williams

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

my good Brother I am Willing to render you any servis in my power Towards easing you of your Infirmity I would advise you to tack of ould Jamaica rum as much as your Constituion will Bare at Night going to Bed

I feel myself a gretet stiffier in my Joints than I use to be seven years Back when health is gone Life is painfull

I am in hops to hear of your been Better in the Nex Letter and

Remain yor Brther Owen Williams

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]

Answer to this May 27th 1815

Yours Dated 21st of Instant came to hand the 26th of the same and was good with us to hear of you but am sorry to hear of my sisters foot I hope is Deal beter now, thank you for advise to me before and now I hope I shall meet a something that will Restore me to little health again,

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]


Your Mother and me is more feeble than can you Imagine yet we are up Every Day and nothing but that and healp one another I can go now with two staffs from one End of the house to the other but they must  help me to and up from Bed since Christmas

I am sorry to tell you that your unkle John Thomas Rostowarch Died and buried at Meline 21st of Instant aged 70 years likewise Sally wife of Thomas George of Bridell Died the meeting at Blaenuweine meeting house on the 18th of Instant and Buried on the 20th aged 60 years, four Burial from the same house from the 14th of January till 20th of May last Instant

Is there any sectarys in Houndslow let me know in the next and what Denomination they are, I wants you to buy a book to yourself Prise seven shillings to subscribers and Eight shillings to nonsubscribers, by the name a plain view of the Unitarian Christian Doctrine in a series of Essays on the One God, the father and the mediator Between God and men the man Christ Jesus, by Richard Wright Unitarian Missionary, and sold in London by Mr  D. Eaton Bookseller 187. High Holborn. it is a good Book strive for it

John William