Daniel’s letters: 25 July 1819 – mother’s ‘unfortunate accident’, wheat harvest begins



R. 28th of Instant

Hounslow July 25th 1819

Dear Father and Mother

Your letter Dated 14th came to hand on the 18th Instant, and very sorry to heard of the unfortunate accidents of my Mother that happens 29 of Janary and on the 5th of May but in great hopes that she is better if please God and hope that she will be prepare for another place that is better than this troublesome World

I am very sorry to hear of your unhealthy state of life and hope that this fine weather will bring health and strength

I have no news worth mention at present but we are all in a tolerabl estate of health and hope that my friends and relations enjoys the same

My little boy grows very fast and a fine little boy he is –

The farmers has began cut the Wheat this week in this nibourhood

I hope you will write again as soon as oppotunity will permit

Dl Williams


Daniel’s letters: 24 October 1819 – mother’s death, son walking, price of food



R. 29 of Instant

Hounslow Octbr 24th 1819

Dear Father and Brothers

We received a letter from St’ph Williams dated Octbr the 3rd in which we heard of your troubles and very sorry to hear of the lost of my Mother

I hope that you are better than you was when you wrote last & hope my Brothers are all well and Uncle Tos Williams Glanpolavon and his family and Sn Williams and his family I hope they are all well

I have no particular news to inform you but we are all in our usual health and my little boy grow very fast and can walk alone

Trades are dead and the markets high markets prices Beef and mutton from 8d to 10d per lb poark from 10d to 12d per lb fresh Butter from 18d to 20d per lb salt Ditto from 12d [to] 15d per lb

I hope you will write as soon as you can make it convieant so no more at present

from your humble servants

D & H Williams

Recd. 29 of October 1819

A Model for the Equalization of the poor Rate taken (on the chairs before the tables in our houses being the sagatious the principal head boroughs and the Chief of the parish, and one where of is of the Tythingmen) for the parish of Llantood in the County of Pembroke February the 4th 1820