Daniel’s letters: 18 May 1816 – mass unemployment, marriage of Princess Charlotte, Uncle’s ‘rumitis’




R. 18th of Instant

May the 5th 1816

Dear Father and Mother

Your last letter I received was Dated Decbr  the 1st, and I have wrote the 16th of January and never had an Answer, to this day, and that makes me uneasey somtimes but on another consideration I should imagine if there is anything amiss I should heard of it,

About six weeks since Uncle had a letter from Stephen Williams Cardigan and said that you was poorly but I hope you are better at present. And he has sent us a red salmon for which the carage come to 6s 6d and we could buy a better one in London for less money.

I have no news at present worth notice but every thing is uncommon dull and dead hundreds out of employment

The Powdermills have not got but very little to do at present but by what I have heard it is very likely for another war for the french people will not have Louis to be on the throne they wishes to have young Prince of Orenge to be their King. Princess Charlotte of Wales was maried last thursday to a German Prince of about 500 £ per Anum income her wedding petticoat cost ten thousand pounds.

We are in great hope this lines will meet you in your usual health as we are at present exept Uncle he got rumitis in his foot.

Pray write as soon as you can and let us know how the things goes on there now. Pray remember me to all my frinds and acquaintances

so no more at present

Dl  Williams