Daniel’s letters: 20 March 1814 – powder mill manufactory, snow deaths at home



R 26 of March


Hounslow March 20th 1814

Dear Father and Mother

I take this opportunity to write this lines to you and in hope to find you in your good state of health as we are at present And to inform you your letter Dated 21st of Feb’r y came to hand 25th of the same and glad to hear of your health and hope you hear from Caleb before now. I have no new worth notice I have been in London 1st of March and I see D Davies  he was well and hearty and  I told him  to write home and he say he will the next Sunday,

I give you a little Description of this Manufactry in which is three fire engins two of them drive four pair of stones pice and other three pack them three engins they are destroy worth 100£ of coal in a week. leven Mills drive by watter and Mills where is wood  lignavita  instead of stones 18 pair in each Mill, three Mills drive by Horses –

I hope you write to me so soon as you can and every news and let me know wheres John Evans Kilgiran 123

David Moris Broyan and Tom W m  Johnat work now and let me know where is Cardigan Militia lays now and whether is D. Morris Married yet or not and all news you can find and let me know did you know the man has took up for rob Jacob Davies Trial, The Weather is very disagreeable freeze every night the frost not been out of the ground of three months is an old man in this neighbourhood say this is an old fashion winter

I am your most humble son and servant

D l . Williams

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]

Answer to this. March the 26. 1814

This is to let you know that we are in a moderate state of health at present, and we hope these lines will find you all Enjoy the same Blessing, Yours Dated the 20th of Instant came to hand on the 26th of the same, Caleb Return from France after been a Burden of Horned Catle there from Cork, and have been very like to be taken by a American Privateer when they Return they lost thier Convoy Day before in a gale of wind, he write to me from Cardiff, and ask a Dirit on to write to you and I Did gave them to him. he Dated 23rd of February I had it on the 26th and Posted to him on the 27th of the same to Cardiff , 21st of February I Dated and posted last to you but this, the Old snow was visible by the side of the hedges and he frzees every other night till the 5th and 6th of March he snow and freeze till the 20th and now he is moderate weather, we did not sow any corn yet, John Evans Kilgerran is with W’m James and had a child from John Morris Blanurangell Daughter and not marry her, Tom W’m  John is at Swansea and he say when go from home he shall see you before he come back David Morris Married and he is at home, and was Discharged on the 24th of Instant from the old Militia for the virtue of Serving in the Loccal, at Chapel newidd meeting

Concerning D. Davis about the 24th or 25th of February a story came to our Nighbourhood that a man Died in a heap of snow on London Road to Cardigan some say it is at Kilcenin others says at Rhoyad in Radnorshire and the people found him first brought the Dead to the Church and not bury him soon that a people  may come  and see him to know him or not, Rachel Tygwin hear the story and begin to weep and say I am sure tis my son David is the man, on 11th of March Rachel […]  to Kilcenin and ask for the Dead the people of the place said is not here he is at Llansawel, Rachel came back, Tho s  his father went to Newcastle and Enquire with the pig Drovers about the Dead man in Llansawel the pig Drovers said in Royad is the man Died in the snow, Tho s  came home, and said so, Rachel then maks Tho’s  & John gare to go to Royad Tho’s  did go, and in two Days after Came a letter from David that he was well in London, the letter you bid him to write when you saw him in London 1st of March he say to you I will write next Sunday and that letter put them all at rest, and that letter came before Tho’s  came back.from Royad in Radnorshire some man Died there in the snow