Daniel’s letters: 21 August 1814 – news of Stephen Williams and the price of food



R. 28th of Instant

16th of Hounslow

Hounslow August the 21st 1814

Dear Father and Mother

Your letter Dated 10th of July I received on the 14thand glad to hear of your good health but sorry for your mistake in Stephen Williams affair you wrote the letter the day after he part from here, and we never heard from him since, we should be very happy to hear he get safe home he promise us to send a letter in fortnight time but he did not yet, that was the reason I  did  not write sooner I hope you will excusse  me I have sent a shale with him to Mother and I hope she is well pleased with it –

I have nothing worth to advise you of, but that we are in the same health as when we wrote last and are in great hope of you the same and all my frinds –

Market price beef and mutton 9½ d or 10d  per pound butter from 14d  to 18d  per pound Cheese from 10d  to 14d bacon from 10d  to 16d  per pound, corn is rise every market is a very good crop about here this year I hope you will not be as long not write as I have been all the Country news will be admittable with me as soon as you please –

I am you most dutiful

Dl Williams

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

My good Brother this is to Inform you that about the bigining of July Stephen Williams of Cardigan Caled here and I sent you and my Brother Thomas by him a brass spectle causes which I hope hath meet your aprobation I am unesey on this account as have not heard from him sence I am afraid he is not well if any thing hath hapen more than ordinary to him; Let me nhow without Lose of Time give my Brother Thomas my Best Respects and acept of this to yourself From your

Brother Owen Williams

an answer to this is Desierd by the return of the post if possible

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]

Penralltddu August 28 1814

My good Brother this Morning I recived your favour Dated the21st of Instant, and am glad to hear that you Enjoy the Blessings of heaven Abundant. I have many thanks to you for the Spectacle case here is not one in this Neighbourhood the same as ours Thomas and me

They Enjoy their moderate health at Glanpoolafon and Cardigan Stephen arrived home safe well and Bonnily, I have not Informed of the Day he set out for London but I hear he is to go when I write to Daniel last time. we are here in our usual health, Our corn & hay near the same this year as the last


A shale of a worth a mite from your hand please your mother well.

Eliza. Cap’t . Davies of Cardigan was taken on the 25th of July by the Whig armed scooner one of the American Privateers 50 miles off  Basketson is Voyage from limerick to London She Destroy her cargo and stole every thing that was of worth. Bread Beef Water New sails New Rops and all papers the Brigg s Register and Charts, and then let her go, she arrived at milford by night 29th of the same. Caleband her mate came to penralltddu on the 5th of August her mate went to Cardigan the next Day and on the 8th came to our house and call Caleb and went off for Milford and after litle time for Repairing set sails for London and she by fair  wether be  in London at the 1st to the 4th of September John Davies Penicoed  died  of a fall from the horseback this four weeks ago I am yours well wisher

John William

Posted to Hounslow 28th of August

Daniel’s letters: 18 May 1816 – mass unemployment, marriage of Princess Charlotte, Uncle’s ‘rumitis’




R. 18th of Instant

May the 5th 1816

Dear Father and Mother

Your last letter I received was Dated Decbr  the 1st, and I have wrote the 16th of January and never had an Answer, to this day, and that makes me uneasey somtimes but on another consideration I should imagine if there is anything amiss I should heard of it,

About six weeks since Uncle had a letter from Stephen Williams Cardigan and said that you was poorly but I hope you are better at present. And he has sent us a red salmon for which the carage come to 6s 6d and we could buy a better one in London for less money.

I have no news at present worth notice but every thing is uncommon dull and dead hundreds out of employment

The Powdermills have not got but very little to do at present but by what I have heard it is very likely for another war for the french people will not have Louis to be on the throne they wishes to have young Prince of Orenge to be their King. Princess Charlotte of Wales was maried last thursday to a German Prince of about 500 £ per Anum income her wedding petticoat cost ten thousand pounds.

We are in great hope this lines will meet you in your usual health as we are at present exept Uncle he got rumitis in his foot.

Pray write as soon as you can and let us know how the things goes on there now. Pray remember me to all my frinds and acquaintances

so no more at present

Dl  Williams


Daniel’s letters: 8 June 1817 – brother William leaving home


R. 12th of Instant

Dear Father and Mother

Your letter dated April 28th I received on the 2nd of May and glad to heard that you were better than you have been and in great hopes that you will enjoy a better health than you have done lately

Your letter dated May 31st Received on the 5th of June and very sorry to hear that my Brother Wm is going to leave you. I am very much oblige to you for your kind offer to me, but I am not very desierous to come home at present if you not want me in particular

Mr Brown from Cardigan call on us on the 7th of May last on his return from London to Cardigan and he brought a letter from Stephen Williams

Uncle and Aunt sends thier best respects to you and wishes to be remember to Uncle & Aunt at Glanpoollavon

Please to remember me to my frinds and write when you are at leisure

I am your most obedient

Dl Williams

Daniel’s letters: 24 October 1819 – mother’s death, son walking, price of food



R. 29 of Instant

Hounslow Octbr 24th 1819

Dear Father and Brothers

We received a letter from St’ph Williams dated Octbr the 3rd in which we heard of your troubles and very sorry to hear of the lost of my Mother

I hope that you are better than you was when you wrote last & hope my Brothers are all well and Uncle Tos Williams Glanpolavon and his family and Sn Williams and his family I hope they are all well

I have no particular news to inform you but we are all in our usual health and my little boy grow very fast and can walk alone

Trades are dead and the markets high markets prices Beef and mutton from 8d to 10d per lb poark from 10d to 12d per lb fresh Butter from 18d to 20d per lb salt Ditto from 12d [to] 15d per lb

I hope you will write as soon as you can make it convieant so no more at present

from your humble servants

D & H Williams

Recd. 29 of October 1819

A Model for the Equalization of the poor Rate taken (on the chairs before the tables in our houses being the sagatious the principal head boroughs and the Chief of the parish, and one where of is of the Tythingmen) for the parish of Llantood in the County of Pembroke February the 4th 1820