Daniel’s letters: 9 August 1813 – Daniel’s arrival and work, powder mills, threshing machines, advice from his father




R. 12th Instant           4 of Daniel

[Owen Williams, Daniel’s uncle, writes]

No. 4 Chapel row Hounslow August 9 1813

Dear Brother I am sory that I could not write sooner for want of Time to furnice me with  materials to write Daniel arivde at Hounslow on the Thurday about 10 in the morning but so great was his Timerety and so shey of his ant that he Remaind at the Bel only 4 Door from my hous l untill I Came home from work Daniel work along with me at millriting from 5 in the morning untill 7 at Night 7 Days per week at the wages of 5s 3d  per Day

he Boards and Beds along with me sence he came he hath not take any of his wages up yet he hath 11£  5s  9d   in the gentelemen hands at this Time we have had no Time t’go to London yet we mene to go the Latter End of Nex week to bey some tools and Daniel a New Bever hatt

he is ready and willing and Doeth what Lays in his power to mack himself servisable and I will tak care that he shall not be Insulted by any body Daniel is to have 5s 3d  per Day until Nex spring and to have 6s  that is my agreement with the gentleman the Propriotor

Daniel or any other yong unexperience  hand  are not suford to go into any place wher ther is any Danger Whatever and I can tell you that he can handle his Tools Better than some we had hear before and now I tell you that gratittuds is allways paying and Never paid : give my Best respect to my Br[other] Thomas and his Famely and Do unto all men as you would wish to be Done unto & and accept of this From your Brther Owen Williams

P.S. any farther Information you may wish Let me nhow in your Nex Lettert his Letter we open it after seale him

1814 Llantood Amlygyn

Dear Father and Mother

I take opportunity to write this fue lines to you and hope to find you in your good state of heal thas its leves me at present And to inform you I recived your letter Dated 1st of August on 5th of the same and glad to hear of your health. I am sorry of my Mother trouble her mind about me I have plenty of everything I want I work at powder Mills now and we go before long to make a thrashin mashine to the same Gentleman for 2 horses and to thrash 20 sake of weat in 12 hours I not like you say to any of your Nibours what I do here

Barrack is near this Town and good many of light Horsemen  in thim no Solders quartred here only go on March I call my Uncle and my Aunt same as other men do Mr W’m  and Mrs Williams Your letters cost here 1s 1d  ½ Give my kind love to my Mother and to my Brothers. Your most dutiful obedient Son and Servant

Dl Williams

not much of carpenter work is here now

[John Williams, Daniel’s father, writes]

Answer to the Letter Dated by Owen 9th of August 1813 at Hounslow16 of August 1813

Dear and Kindly Brother and sister

Your kind and favourable letter Dated the 9th of August came to hand on the 12th of Instant I am much Oblidge to you  for  the good reception you give to Daniel I hope he will please  you  and my sister for so a good Entertainment We are here and at Glanpoolafon in Our usual health and in hope  these  lines meet you the same,  on the 9th of Instant  Phillip the brother of Daniel Nicholas Died at Trecwn in this parish, and so I conclude and accept of this my D. K. B. S. from your Brother

John William

[John Williams, Daniel’s father writes]

For Daniel 16th of August 1813

As I had inteligence of your livelihood with my brother you must take a care to please them for their charitable behaviour unto you, and be ready all ways when my brother or my sister calls. Take you care of yourself keep your time come home before night and be steady Practice yourself in spelling reading wrighting and in Numerical, and in all what maks some benefit to you I do look on your present situation Happy make your best to keep it in hand Your Acquintance Relations and James William of Greenstreet Cardigan Rand’s family Bid me to Remember to you

N.B. some hindrance meet us frequently I am a survayor this year and was on the road all this week and them at home was busy in reaping and have not a time to put this letter in the post house until this Day we are in the same situation as when we Date the above August 21st 1813 write back soon

This posted to Hounslow on the 22nd of Instant


Daniel’s letters: 2 March 1817 – change of job, from powder mill to threshing machine manufacture


R. 7th of Instant

Hounslow March 2nd 1817

Dear Father and Mother

Your letter dated January the 5th  I received on the 10th in which I hear you were very ill in health but I am in great hopes that you are better at present, I hope you will excuse me for not write sooner for the reason that have being off from the Powder Mills two Month ago and some time out employment since for there is nothing stiring in this Country at present and at the Powder Mills there is nothing to do only keep the old hands on, but I am in work at present in a thrashing Machine making line

I have no news at present worth mention but we are tolerable health and in great hopes to hear the same comfortable news in the answer to this,

My best respects to yourselves and remember me to all my friends and write as soon as opportunity will admit

I am your most obdient

Dl  Williams