Daniel’s letters: August 1815 – note in parcel



Dear Father and Mother

I have the oppotunity send these things half a pound of tobacco and half a pound of tea and silk Hankerchief I hope Mother will be please by it and have good health to wear it,

I wish you to write as soon as you have this and let us know how much the carriage come’s to –

And let us know how’s Cardigan new Mill come’s on and who is the Miller.

And let know whether you got one of your own of  R. Wright Books A Plain Veiw of the Unitarian Christian Doctrin if you have not I will send you one

Recived the Bocks and its Contents on the 22nd of August 1815 from S. Williams Cardigan, Cariage from Houndslow to Cardigan is four shillings and six pence.

Answer to this and letter Dated August 13th on the 28th of Instant or August