Morris’ letters: War Office enquiry

[several printed circulars and the following which appears to be a sample showing how to fill in the form]

War Office

Persons making enquirey relative to the existence of soldiers are requested to insert in the Blank spaces, Answers to the questions stated underneath: to observe that the following Form of Certificate must in all cases be filled up by the Minister or Churchwardens; and to bear in mind,  that the Answers sent from the War Office cannot reach them unless  the places of their Residence are distinctly stated

This is to certify that James John is the father of the person enquired after below. Wm Jonson, Minister of the parish of Penrith Churchwarden Co. of Pembroke

What is the name of the man David Jonson
Where was he Born Parish of Penrith Co. of Pembroke
What was his calling when he enlisted From Cardigan Militia
When and where did he first enlist  and into what Regiment 23rd Regt at Hasler Barrack. Gosport  on or about 5th of Decbr 1813
In what Regt is he supposed to be  now serving the Battalion if known  to be mentioned 23rd Regt. 1st Battalion he served  last when living
When was he last heard of and  where was he then December last from France
If he supposed to be dead state  the Date of Decease 13th of April. 1816. he Died
If you are not relate to him what  is the cause of your Enquirey His lawful Father
What is your Name James Jonson
Where do you live? If not in a Post town , mention your Residence , and the post town nearest thereto. Parish of Penrith near Cardigan South Wales
James Jonson